This year's theme was a carnival.  This was the first year at the new Starlight Bowl location. Since this location is right next to where they sell the tickets, this eliminated the need for a bus to get the groups from the park where they bought the tickets, up to the nature center where the Haunted Adventure was.  This new location also increased the size of the venue a lot.

This year, i was unable to lead my own section because I had been away in San Francisco for ORACLE OpenWorld for a week and couldn't devote the time needed to meet, plan, create, decorate, etc. 

This is a shot of the outside concession area that year, it's where I took over the following years


Madison and i did help as much as we could around the place by putting up decorations and stuff where ever anyone needed a hand.

This was the last year that Madison helped out selling food and drinks.  She decided she was ready to scare people the following year.  Yay!

One of the scene leaders, Bob, was nice enough to let me chill in his area for the event.  This was the only year that Angela brought Megan.  Megan does not like scary things.  Neither of them knew where I was, nor what i looked like. As they walked passed my up a ramp, i reached out and grabbed Megan's hand.  She freaked out pretty good.  Angela yelled at my to let her child's hand go.  I did and a few minutes later realized that they had no idea it was me.

You can see the reset of the pictures I took here