Stop it.  I know what you're thinking.  Not those smells.

I ordered some fog fluid scent additives from Froggy's Fog on Monday.  I thought they would take longer to get here, but God bless them, they got here in only 3 days !! 

I was very exciting to try these out, as I thought they would add that extra bit of coolness to our section. 

Madison stayed home sick from school today, so she was nice enough to call me and tell me they had arrived just before lunchtime.  So I rushed over there during lunchtime to get them.

Each bottle is small, just a little larger than my thumb.  I had purchased Forest, Mildew and Charred Corpse.  I was a little nervous about smelling the Charred Corpse, as I had a friend that bought Slaughterhouse from Froggy's last year, and he vomitted when he smelled it the first time.

The forest smell was decent.  Nothing much to talk about. Very "piney" with maybe a slight hint of dirt?

Mildew was what you'd expect, it smelled just like mildew.  Not over powering.

Charred Corpse was the last one.  It had a very smokey smell.  I couldn't quite place.  Some people say it smells a little like burnt popcorn with a chemical smell.  Madison thought it reminded her of bacon.  Haha.  I found if you shake it first and smell, there is this underlying odour that is nasty.  and the smell does not leave your hands for a long time.  I washed my hands several several several times with smelly soaps before it finally went away.  I think it might've been a horrible smell.  this is gonna be great !!