What is the Haunted Adventure?

The Haunted Adventure is a Halloween event held in Burbank.  It used to be at the Stough Nature Center when i first started in 2007, but has since moved over to the Starlight Bowl in 2012.  With the move from the nature center to the Starlight Bowl, it also dramatically increased the size of each of our sections.

Just got my new order of fog scents today.  This year I decided to try Halloween FX Props again.  I wasn't too overly pleased with them the previous year that i purchased them, but they have a much larger selection than Froggy's does, and they have really good descriptions of the scents.  However, my experience has been that their description doesn't quite match reality.

This year's theme is "forgotten fairytales".  oh my gosh, there is so much material that can be covered with this theme!

Stop it.  I know what you're thinking.  Not those smells.

This year's theme was a carnival we called the "house of oddities".  It was loosely based on carnival theme.  I decided we were gonna do something really different this year.  something more "performance art" and less "scare the crowd".  I had a lot of fun planning and designing it.