This year's theme was an insane asylum.  It was the first year for me decorating the outside concession area.  I can't lie, it was a little overwhelming at first.  it was the largest single area I'd ever had to decorate myself.  Being so large, i also needed to think about all the different actors and scripts that would need to be followed.

This year's theme was a carnival.  This was the first year at the new Starlight Bowl location. Since this location is right next to where they sell the tickets, this eliminated the need for a bus to get the groups from the park where they bought the tickets, up to the nature center where the Haunted Adventure was.  This new location also increased the size of the venue a lot.

This year's theme was Haunted Burbank.  To celebrate that, we decorated our little room as a scary version of Dr. Burbank's Dental Office (yes, he really was a dentist).