This year's theme was Haunted Burbank.  To celebrate that, we decorated our little room as a scary version of Dr. Burbank's Dental Office (yes, he really was a dentist).

The best part was that one of the guys, Ernie, found an old barber's chair at a garage sale. 


This thing was so nasty looking, it had actual spiders crawling around in it.  It was perfect to use as a dentists chair.  God bless the girl that was brave enough to sit in it for each and every tour group.  That is dedication to the craft!

We decided to split the room up into a reception area and the patient's room.


Then we decorated reception area a little bit


Madi was still a little nervous with the idea of the lights being out, so she continued to work down at the park selling popcorn and drinks.

This was our last year at the Stough Nature Center.  The event will be moving down to the Starlight Bowl next year.

 You can check out the rest of the photos here: