Just got my new order of fog scents today.  This year I decided to try Halloween FX Props again.  I wasn't too overly pleased with them the previous year that i purchased them, but they have a much larger selection than Froggy's does, and they have really good descriptions of the scents.  However, my experience has been that their description doesn't quite match reality.

Anyway, I got three of them to try out, and a fourth to think about using for a birthday party in the future.  My theme this year is a cemetery with zombies running around, so I was looking for scents that would work with that.

As is usual, I read the description of each one and then opened the bottle to experience the aroma.

The first one was "Vampire Rising", which promises the "musky smell of death and decay", "fresh dirt", and "sweet anise".  Well, the anise definately stood out! and some kind of sweet (musky?) smell.  not sure where the death, decay or dirt went to...  All in all, not a very unpleasant smell, very tolerable.  But i don't feel it matched the description.

The next one I opened up was "Carnival".  This was said it smelled like buttery popcorn and funnel cake.  And I'll be darned it that's not what it smells like.  The popcorn smell was very pronounced, with a subtler hint of a sweet funnel cake-like smell.  This was for a birthday party, and I'm thinking it might just work...

The third was "Creepy Crypt".  This one claims it "smells just like laying in spooky tomb" with the "perfect combination of earthiness and mustiness".  And i feel they might have gotten this one right.  There is definately underlying "dirt" or "mildew" scent.  On top of that is a slight sweet musky smell.

The last one I got was "Dead Zone".  With a description that read "Imagine a whole hoard of the undead clawing their way out of the ground and into the cool night air" I was very cautious about smelling this one, for fear that it might be really nasty.  This one, again features "mildew" or "dirt", along with a flower kind of smell.  While it doesn't make me think of "undead clawing their way out", I think it could be a good scent for a cemetery.