This year's theme is "forgotten fairytales".  oh my gosh, there is so much material that can be covered with this theme!

After some talking with Madi, we've settled on a "woodland fairies" kinda theme for our section, the outdoor section.  We are still in the planning stages sorta but we've got a lot of stuff we want to build.  I made the mistake of looking on Pinterest (much to everyone's amusement), and found so much stuff to build!  

After everything, I think we've settled on building a couple of scary trees, some "oversized" mushrooms and oversized flowers.  

This is gonna be so much fun.

I also found some additional ideas, like how to make pretend flames in a basket, which will be cool to do make the flames look like they were coming out of the grass/dirt.  I also found a way to make fake coals.  which would look cool to make it look like the dirt was on fire.

I also ordered some fog scent additives to put the finishing touches on the scene.  We plan on having a nice thick ground fog scented like a forest, then a milder mildew smell mixed in to make it seem "off".  and finally we want whiffs of "Charred Corpses" next to the fake coals and flaming dirt.  I ordered them from Froggy's Fog the other day.

I'll be sure to post more on here as time goes by