This year's theme was a carnival we called the "house of oddities".  It was loosely based on carnival theme.  I decided we were gonna do something really different this year.  something more "performance art" and less "scare the crowd".  I had a lot of fun planning and designing it. 

We decided to do a "zombie marching band" for our ourdoor section.  The Street Drum Corp was my inspiration for the look and style of what we did, more specifically, the "blood drums" halloween performance that they do.



The idea was to have a zombie marching band march toward the guests and around the concession stand once, then walk up to the stage and perform a short drumming piece.



at the same time there would be dancers/drummers behind the gates of the concession stand.

We had to revise our plan after the first couple of groups, it turned out that having them march around the concession stand and up to the stage took too long and the tour groups started getting backed up.

So we finally scraped the marching part and went straight up to the stage to perform.  The kids were wonderful.  None of them had ever pplayed drums before, and none of them had ever performed like this in front of an audience.  But they did it and they were great.  So great that at times we had trouble getting the groups to finally leave.

We also built a fake scary fortune teller booth and there was a creepy video i put together for the start of the tour

i wish i had taken photos this year, but i was so busy with setting up the lighting and music that I totally forgot.  All the photos in this article were from the City of Burbank's website, they were taken by others, not by me. 

You can visit the City of Burbank's website to see some photos from last year: Haunted Adventure 2014 Photo Album