This year's theme was an insane asylum.  It was the first year for me decorating the outside concession area.  I can't lie, it was a little overwhelming at first.  it was the largest single area I'd ever had to decorate myself.  Being so large, i also needed to think about all the different actors and scripts that would need to be followed.


This was Madison's first year being an actor in the Haunted Adventure, instead of selling the food and drinks down at the park.  She found out just how much work it really was, and why dad was always tired afterwards.


I took her out of school for the Thursday and Friday of the event to setup everything.  Dress rehearsals are on Thursday, the day before the event.  We normally spend all day Thursday and Friday setting stuff up.

We spent all Thursday morning stringing extension cords, power strips, lights and sound equipment everywhere and hiding it.



  This year, the theme of our section was the "activity yard" of the insane asylum.  One of the girls made a huge Parcheesi board and stained it with blood.  Some of the other kids drew pictures and signs to place around the yard.


When the kids finally started showing up it, it was time for dress rehearsal











For this year, Madison was one of the patients.  She was supposed to be singing to herself as the group walked near and then yell at them something like "you're gonna die".  however, the singing was a little hard to hear.  



it was still effective though.  a lot of the visitors thought she was a prop at first, so it still scared them and it still distracted them enough to not notice the rest of the inmates coming after them.

all the photos from the event can be found here