I've always wanted my own flying saucer.  So I buit one.

It was not fully functioning (maybe a future build...?)  But it did have flashing lights, smoke and some sound coming out of it.  It was made of all wood, with 8 sides.


I employed a fairly basic design and that repeated 8 times. 


Google Sketchup was used to make the initial design and figure out the angles and cuts needed. I then had a bunch of 1x2 furring strips cut.

I then used backing board to cover the whole thing


i finished it by spraying it chrome, which i forgot to take pictures of.   I also put 2 flashing strobe lights inside and topped it off with an emergency beacons on the top.  There was also 900watt fog machine inside with a "boiler room" scent added to it, that would go off once in a while.  And last but not least pair of speakers and a subwoofer played a low rumbling noise on a loop.