These were pretty fun to make.  i could've probably made them a lot more simpler than how i did.  but it was my first time, and i think a part of me just really wanted to play with spray foam again.

So, we started with a beauty store styrofoam head, which we first cover in plastic wrap


Over this, we put joint compound


After that dried, we cut it apart in the back and removed the styrofoam, then patched up, added more joint compound and let it dry


After that dried, we put latex all  over the outside


Then we filled the inside with spray foam, trying to get it within a couple inches of the end of the neck


It oozed all over the place!


A lot of  work then went into cutting it down to size, sanding it.  A PVC coupler was placed near the end of the neck and a small amount of spray foam was added again.  Again, it was cut and sanded when dried.


The PVC coupler gave the head a place to be attached to eventually

Over this, we added burlap and glue it by spraying it with spray adhesive. We grunged up te burlap using some brown and black paints. Then we added hints of eyes, mouths, noses, tears, etc using black and red acrylic paints


Once ready, we have them bodies cutting out PVC pipes to make a body shape.   Bloody arms and legs from the dollar store were added to fill out the definition a little more